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A Dirty, Wicked Town, David L. Bristow. 2000.
A Warrior Who Fought Custer. Thomas B. Marquis, 1931.
Adam and the Serpent. Vardis Fisher. 1947.
Adam, The Great. George Dixon Snell. 1934.
Addresses upon the American Road, 1955–1960. Herbert Clark Hoover. 1961.
Adventure Islands. Sarah Ross Wilverton. 1945.
Adventures in Cactus Land. Betty Boulton Herndon. 1950.
Adventures in Geyserland. Heister Dean Guie. 1935.
Adventures of Hedvig and Lollie. Anna Hansen Hayes. 1961.
Adventures of Skoot Skeeter. Jack L. Thurston. 1948.
Adventures with Arctic Wildlife. Vivian Staender. 1970.
Al G. Barnes, Master Showman. Dave Robeson. 1935.
Alaska. Mariette Shaw Pilgrim. 1939.
Alaska Beckons. Charles Marius Barbeau. 1947.
Alaska, The Story of. Clarence Leroy Andrews. 1938.
Alaska Today. Webster Denison. 1949.
Alesen, Lewis Albert. Mental Robots. 1957. The physician’s responsibility as a leader. 1953.
Alexander, Holmes Moss. With Friends Posses’d. 1970.
Algier, Keith. The Crow and the Eagle: a tribal history from Lewis and Clark to Custer. 1993.
Ali, a Persian Yankee. Maxine Adams Miller. 1965.
Allen, Albert Cooper. Meeko. 1947.
Allen, Mary Louise. Education or Indoctrination. 1955.
Allen and Rachel. Walter H. McIntosh. 1938.
Allred, Byron Harvey. A Leaf in Review. 1933.
Almirall, Leon Vincent. Canines and Coyotes. 1941. From College to Cow Country. 1956.
Altrocchi, Julia Cooley. The Old California Trail. 1945.
America at the Crossroads, a Challenge to Action. Francis Henry Buffum. 1956.
American Electoral College. Roger Lea MacBride. 1953.
Americas. Hewes, Charles Edwin. 1941.
American Legion. Auxiliary. Idaho. Portneuf Post No. 21, Downey. American Legion Auxiliary Tested Recipe Cook Book. 1929.
Ames, Francis H. Fishing the Oregon Country. 1966.
Ancient Greece in Modern America. John Robertson MacArthur. 1943.
And Across Big Seas. Helen Phiambolis Jannopoulo. 1949.
And—If Man Triumph. George Dixon Snell. 1938.
Anderson, Alexander Pierce. The Seventh Reader. 1941.
Anderson, Eva Greenslit. Chief Seattle. 1943. Dog-Team Doctor. 1940. Indian Sleep Man Tales. 1940.
Anderson, Jim. Tales from a Northwest Naturalist. 1992.
Anderson, Lewis O. Seven Psychological Principles Versus Power Politics. 1954.
Anderson, Nancy F. Lora Webb Nichols: Homesteader’s Daughter, Miner’s Bride. 1995.
Anderson, Nancy Mae. Swede Homestead. 1942.
Andrews, Clarence Leroy. The Eskimo and His Reindeer in Alaska. 1939. Sitka. 1945. The Story of Alaska. 1938.
Andy Little, Idaho Sheep King. Louise Shadduck. 1990.
Angels on the Bough. Sam M. Steward. 1936.
Anness, Milford E. Song of Metamoris. 1964.
Anthem. Ayn Rand. 1953.
Apache Days and After. Thomas Cruse. 1941.
Ape I Knew. George Washington Lewis. 1961.
April. Vardis Fisher. 1937.
April Out of Stone. Laurence Pratt. 1946.
Archer of Paradise. Reva Stanley. 1937.
Arctic Mood; a Narrative of Arctic Adventure. Eva Louise Alvey Richards. 1949.
Ardinger, Rick and Peterson, Martin L. Celebrating Idaho. 1991.
Arizona’s Dark and Bloody Ground. Earle Robert Forrest. 1936.
Army of the Aged. Richard Lewis Neuberger. 1936.
Arnold, Lloyd R. High on the Wild with Hemingway. 1968.
Arnold, Royal Ross. Indian Wars of Idaho. 1932.
Arrowrock, Songs and Stories of a Prodigal. Earl Wayland Bowman. 1931.
Art in Our Community. Bernice Starr Moore. 1947.
Art of Contrary Thinking. Humphrey Bancroft Neill. 1954.
As a Cavalryman Remembers. George Brydges Rodney. 1944.
Attebery, Louie. J.R. Simplot: A Billion the Hard Way. 2000.
Auto—Correctivism. Vivian Ezra Fisher. 1937.
Axelson, Mary McDougal. A Child is Born. 1939.
Ayers, Marvin L. The Highlight of the Bible. 1934.

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Backcountry Roads - Idaho. Lynna Howard. 2008
Back Trailing on Open Range
. Luke Decatur Sweetman. 1951.
Bad Men and Bad Towns. Wayne C. Lee. 1993.
Bailey, George Cecil. Tall Trees Surround. 1955.
Baird, Jesse H. God’s Law of Life. 1931.
Baker, Ethel Mary. Tower House. 1944.
Baker, William F. Running Her Easting Down. 1974.
Bakewell, Paul. Inflation in the United States. 1958.
Bakewell, Paul. 13 Curious Errors About Money. 1962.
Bald Knobbers. Morris, Lucile. 1939.
Ball, John W. Casting and Fishing the Artificial Fly. 1972.
Banks, Eleanor. Wandersong. 1950.
Bankson, Russel Arden. The Klondike Nugget. 1935.
Bannock of Idaho. Brigham D. Madsen. 1958.
Bannock Indian War of 1878. George Francis Brimlow. 1938.
Barbeau, Charles Marius. Alaska Beckons. 1947. The Indian Speaks. 1943. Pathfinders in the North Pacific. 1958.
Barber Floyd R. First supplement to accompany Idaho in the Pacific Northwest. 1962. Idaho in the Pacific Northwest. 1956.
Barham, Patricia. Pin—Up Poems. 1945.
Barker, Catherine Sweazey. Yesterday Today; Life in the Ozarks. 1941.
Barnes, Al G.—See Al G. Barnes, Master Showman.
Barnes, Harry Elmer. Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. 1953.
Barrows, John R. Ubet. 1934.
Barry, Bob. From Shamrocks to Sagebrush. 1969.
Barth, Richard. Pioneers of the Colorado Parks. 1997.
Basque Cooking and Lore. Darcy Williamson. 1992.
Bass, Altha Leah Bierbower. The Thankful People. 1950.
Battlefields of Nebraska. Thomas D. Phillips. 2009
Baur John E. Christmas on the American Frontier, 1800–1900. 1961.
Beal, Merrill D. History of Southeastern Idaho. 1942. Intermountain Railroads. 1962. The Story of Man in Yellowstone. 1949.
Beatty, Patricia. Indian Canoe-Maker. 1960.
Becher, Ronald. Massacre Along the Medicine Road: A Social History of the Indian War of 1864 in Nebraska Territory. 1998.
Beck, Ethel Fyles. Lummi Indian How Stories. 1955.
Becker, Edna. Hugh and Dennis. 1934. Pickpocket Songs. 1935.
Beckwith, John A. Gem Minerals of Idaho. 1972.
Beemer, Rod. The Deadliest Woman in the West: Mother Nature on the Prairies and Plains 1800-1900. 2006.
Beet-Sugar Economics. Roy Hudson Cottrell. 1952.
Before Morning. Daniel Heitmeyer. 1939.
Behind Gray Walls. Patrick Charles Murphy. 1920.
Behind the Iron Curtain. Joseph Slabey Roucek. 1964.
Bell George M. Handbook of Evidence for the Idaho Lawyer. 1957.
Beloved House. Thomas Matthew Pearce. 1940.
Beloved Spy. Harry Stanton Tillotson. 1948.
Ben Meyer, Berl. Your Own True Story. 1940.
Bender, Christine Echeverria. Challenge the Wind. 2001, Sails of Fortune, 2006, The Whaler's Forge, 2009.
Bennett, Dorothy. How Strange a Thing. 1935.
Bering Sea Eagle. Charles Rathbone Stark. 1957.
Berkebile, Fred Donovan. The Magic City. 1954.
Bernard, Art. Dog Days. 1969.
Bernard, Kenneth A. Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War. 1966.
Bibliography of William Sydney Porter. Paul Stephen Clarkson. 1938.
Big Blowup. Betty Goodwin Spencer. 1956.
Big Red, a Wild Stallion. Rutherford George Montgomery. 1971.
Big Wheels Rolling. Eugenia Stone. 1942.
Bill and the Clown Bird. Betty Boulton Herndon. 1957.
Bill Martin, American. William Martin. 1959.
Billy and the Bar-Bar-A. Estelle Webb Thomas. 1955.
Billy King’s Tombstone. Charles Leland Sonnichsen. 1942.
Billy’s Scrapbook. Jane B. Harvey. 1941.
Bipartisanship in the United States. Chester Collins Maxey. 1965.
Bird, Annie Laurie. Boise, the Peace Valley. 1934. My Home Town. 1968. Thomas McKay. 1972.
Birds of Idaho. Thomas Dearborn Burleigh. 1972.
Birkeland, Torger. Echoes of Puget Sound. 1960.
Bischoff, William Norbert. The Jesuits in Old Oregon. 1945.
Bitterroot Trail. James William Johnson. 1935.
Black. Benjamin Franklin Gardner. 1933.
Black Banners. Erik Ritter von Kuhnelt–Leddihn, 1954.
Black Bear Book. Joe Van Wormer. 1974.
Black Dinah. John Calvin Starr. 1948.
Black Feather. LaVerne Harriet Fitzgerald. 1933.
Black Gold in the Joaquin. F.F. Latta. 1949.
Black Rock Desert. Sessions S. Wheeler. 1977.
Blackwelder, Bernice. Great Westerner; the Story of Kit Carson. 1962.
Blame Metro When Urban Renewal Strikes. Jo Hindman. 1966.
Blankets and Moccasins. Gwendolin Wagner. 1933.
Blazing Forest Trails. Charles D. Simpson and E.R. Jackman. 1967.
Blazing a Wagon Trail to Oregon: A Weekly Chronicle of the Great Migration of 1843. Lloyd W. Coffman. 2012.
Blessed are They. Marjorie Shier Turner. 1936.
Blodgett, Robert and T. McCracken. Holy Rollers: Murder and Madness in Oregon's Love Cult. 2002.
Blood at Sand Creek: the Massacre Revisited. Bob Scott. 1994.
Blow for the Landing. Fritz Timmen. 1973.
Blue Enchantment. Wayland A. Dunham.1942.
Blue-Eyed God. Francis Rotch, 1938.
Blue Gold; a Romance of the Rockies. Agnes K. Getty. 1934.
Blue Star. Kunigunde Duncan. 1938.
Bluestein, S.R. Hiking Trails of Southern Idaho. 1981.
Boise, the Peace Valley. Annie Laurie Bird. 1934.
Book of Wood Carving. Charles Marshall. 1942.
Bottle of Dust. Anworth Rutherford. 1940.
Bowman, Earl Wayland. Arrowrock, Songs and Stories of a Prodigal. 1931. Irish mag. 1916.
Bowman, Nora Linjer. Only the Mountains Remain. 1958.
Boy, Grizzly, and Wolf. Peter Gray Wolf. 1940.
Boy Settler in the Cherokee Strip. David Guy Siceloff. 1964.
Boynton, Beatrice White. A Very Amateur Guide to Antique Bottle Collecting. 1965. That Hilarious First Year. 1971.
Brad, Jacoba Boothman. Homestead on the Kootenai. 1960.
Bradley, Henry Crum. Flying Chips. 1929.
Bratton, Karl H. Tales of the Magic Mirror. 1949.
Braun, Matt. Matt Braun’s Western Cooking. 1996.
Brave Warriors. Norman B. Whiltsey. 1963.
Bread Upon the Sands. Billie Williams Yost. 1958.
Breckinridge—See John Cabell Breckinridge.
Brief History of Butte, Montana. Harry Campbell Freeman. 1969. (reprint).
Breihan, Carl W. Lawmen and robbers. 1986. Saga of Jesse James. 1991.
Bressie, Wesley. Ghost Town Bottle Price Guide. 1972.
Bright Horizons. Horace G. Joseph. 1937.
Bright, Verne. Mountain Man. 1948.
Bright Blue Beads. Maxine Adams Miller. 1961.
Brigman, Anne. Songs of a Pagan. 1949.
Brimlow, George Francis. The Bannock Indian War of 1878. 1938. Cavalryman Out of the West. 1944.
British empire before the American revolution. v. 1–3. Lawrence Henry Gipson. 1936.
British Socialist Ill-Fare State. Cecil Palmer. 1952.
Broadfoot, Lennis Leonard. Pioneers of the Ozarks. 1944.
Broken Fang. Rutherford George Montgomery. 1939.
Brokenshire, Doug. Washington State Place Names: from Alki to Yelm. 1993.
Brown, Estelle Aubrey. Stubborn Fool. 1952.
Brown, Jennie Broughton. Fort Hall on the Oregon Trail. 1932.
Brown, Robert L. (Leaman). Central City and Gilpin County: Then and Now. 1994. Colorado Ghost Towns—Past and Present. 1972. Colorado on Foot. 1991. Empire of Silver. 1965. Ghost Towns of the Colorado Rockies. 1968. Great Pikes Peak Gold Rush. 1985. Holy Cross—the Mountain and the City. 1970. Jeep trails to Colorado Ghost Towns. 1963. Uphill Both Ways. 1976.
Bryan, Charles Valentine. The Child that Nobody Wanted. 1957.
Buaken, Manual. I Have Lived with the American People. 1948.
Buckboard Days. Sophie Poe. 1936.
Buckey O’Neill, He Stayed With ‘Em While He Lasted. Ralph Keithley.1949.
Buffum Francis Henry. America at the Crossroads, a Challenge to Action. 1956.
Bugles, Banners and War Bonnets. Ernest Lisle Reedstrom. 1977.
Builder of the West. John Stirling Fisher. 1939.
Bunch Quitter. Don Patton. 1948.
Burbank, Elbridge Ayer. Burbank Among the Indians. 1944.
Burford, Virgil and Morey, Walt. North to Danger. 1969.
Burleigh, Thomas Dearborn. Birds of Idaho. 1972.
Bursted Bubbles. Wilma Leiter. 1935.
Burt, Elinor. Olla Podrida. 1938.
Burt, Olive Wooley. Our Magic Growth. 1937.
Bush, Ira Jefferson. Gringo Doctor. 1939.
Bushnell, Eddie. Underseas Log. 1947.
Butterscotch and the Happy Barnyard. Charles Morrow Wilson. 1953.
Butte’s Memory Book. Don James. 1975.
By Sea on the Tonquin. Cecil Pearl Dryden. 1956.

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Caballeros. Ruth Laughlin. 1945.
Cabin On Sawmill Creek: A Western Walden. Mary Jo Churchwell, 1997.
Caldwell, Taylor. Your Sins and Mine. 1959.
California Camel Adventure. Gladys Relyea Saxon. 1955.
California in the Making. Rockwell Dennis Hunt. 1953.
California Joe. Joe E. Milner. 1935
California, Land of Promise. Maidee Thomas Nelson. 1962.
Calkins, Erica. Hatchet, Hands, and Hoe: Planting the Pioneer Spirit. 1996.
Camera Eye on Idaho. Arthur A. Hart. 1990.
Cameron, Marguerite. This is the Place. 1939.
Camp, Frank Bernard. War and Peace. 1932.
Campfires and Cattle Trails. Neil M. Clark. 1970.
Canines and Coyotes. Leon Vincent Almirall. 1941.
Canyon Boy. Grace Edgington Jordan. 1960.
Cape Town to Cairo. Lillie Bernard Douglass. 1964.
Captain’s Walk. Oliver Jenkins. 1940.
Carcajou. Rutherford George Montgomery. 1936.
Cardwell, Lawrence. Mountain Medicine. 1941.
Carlson, Chris. Cecil Andrus: Idaho's Greatest Governor. 2011.
Carlson, Laurie Winn. On Sidesaddles to Heaven: The Women of the Rocky Mountain Mission. 1998.
Carranco, Lynwood and Labbe, John T. Logging the Redwoods. 1975.
— and Sorensen, Henry L. Steam in the Redwoods. 1988.
Casey, Pearle Rosencrans. Facing West. 1936.
Casting and Fishing the Artificial Fly. John W. Ball. 1972.
Catch More Bass. Stan Fagerstrom. 1973.
Cavalryman Out of the West. George Francis Brimlow. 1944.
Caxton Printers Ltd. Comments of the reviewers: The return of Adam Smith, by George S. Montgomery. 1950.
Caxton Printers, Ltd. Vardis Fisher. 1939.
Cecil Andrus: Idaho's Greatest Governor. Chris Carlson. 2011.
Celebrating Idaho. Rick Ardinger and Martin L. Peterson. 1991.
Cendow, Celya. Off the Record. 1935.
Central City and Gilpin County: Then and Now. Robert L Brown. 1994.
Chaffee, Allen. Western Wild Life. 1944.
Chaffin, Lorah B. Sons of the West. 1941.
Challenge the Wind. Christine Echeverria Bender. 2001.
Chantey of the Keys. Lydia P. DeBechevet. 1936.
Chapel, Beatrice Shaw. Peggy and the Nomad. 1935.
Charlie Chaplin, King of Tragedy. Gerith Von Ulm. 1940.
Checkered Tablecloth. Bess Foster Smith. 1937.
Checkered Years. Mary Boynton Cowdrey, ed. 1937.
Cheney, Roberta and Mygatt, Emmie. Hans Kleiber, Artist of the Big Horn Mountains. 1975.
Chi-Keeta and the Puk-Wudjis. Mabel Veatch Hoadley. 1950.
Chief Joseph Country. Bill Gulick. 1981.
Chief Seattle. Eva Greenslit Anderson. 1943.
Chief Washaki—See Story of Chief Washaki.
Child is Born. Mary McDougal Axelson. 1939.
Child That Nobody Wanted. Charles V. Bryan. 1957.
Child’s History of California. Enola Flower. 1940.
Chindahl, George Leonard. A History of the Circus in America. 1959.
Chittick, Victor Lovitt Oakes. Ring Tailed Roarers. 1941.
Christmas on the American Frontier, 1800–1900. John E. Baur. 1961.
Churchill, David R. Spinnings from the Cobwebs. 1935.
Churchwell, Mary Jo. Cabin on Sawmill Creek: A Western Walden. 1997
Circus Press Agent. Gene Plowden. 1984.
City of Illusion. Vardis Fisher. 1941.
Clark, David. Silver Creek: Idaho's Fly Fishing Paradise. 1997.
Clark, Neil M. and Harshman, J.H. Campfires and Cattle Trails. 1970.
Clark, Roland Keith. Terrible Trail: the Meek Cutoff,1845. 1966.
Clark, Van. Peetie, the Pack Rat. 1960.
Clarkson, Paul Stephen. A Bibliography of William Sydney Porter. 1938.
Cloudburst. Phillips Wray Kloss. 1937.
Clover Passage. Edward A. Lawrence. 1954.
Coates, Grace Stone. Mead and Mangel-Wurzel. 1931. Portulacas in the Wheat. 1932.
Cobi Camel. Nell Smidell Nesbitt. 1944.
Cochran, Louis. Son of Haman. 1937. Boss Man. 1939.
Coffman, Lloyd W. Blazing a Wagon Trail to Oregon: A Weekly Chronicle of the Great Migration of 1843. 2012.
Coker, Tracy. Ee-Dah-How. 1933.
Collected Poems, 1914–1948. Glenn Ward Dresbach. 1950.
Colorado Ghost Towns—Past and Present. Robert L. Brown. 1972.
Colorado on Foot. Robert L. Brown. 1991.
Colorado Treasure Tales. W.C. Jameson. 2001.
Colored Leaves. Amy Woodward. 1933.
Comments of the Reviewers: The Return of Adam Smith, by George S. Montgomery. The Caxton Printers Ltd. 1950.
Competitive Struggle: America's Western Fur Trading Posts, 1764-1865. R.G. Robertson. 2012.
Complete Book of Trick and Fancy Riding. Frank E. Dean. 1960.
Complete Sourdough Cookbook for Camp, Trail, and Kitchen. Don Holm. 1972.
Conkling, Charles; Jackman, E.R.; and Scharff, John. Steens Mountain in Oregon’s High Desert Country. 1967.
Constitution of the United States of America, a Bulwark of Liberty. Everett P. Wilson, 1955.
Cool North Wind, Stephen Stuebner, 2002
Cooley, Oscar W. Paying Men Not to Work. 1964.
Corby, Alan. Deep Soundings. 1937.
Corless, Hank. The Weiser Indians: Shoshoni Peacemakers. 1996.
Cornuelle, Herbert C. Mr. Anonymous, the Story of William Volker. 1951.
Cottrell, Roy Hudson. Beet-Sugar Economics. 1952.
Cowboy and Indian Trader. Joseph Schmedding. 1951.
Cowboy Dances. Lloyd Shaw. 1939.
Cowboy Dance Tunes. Arranged by Frederick Knorr to accompany Lloyd Shaw’s book. 1940.
Cowboys, Cooks, and Catastrophes. Reba Pierce Cunningham. 1988.
Cowdrey, Mary Boynton, ed. The Checkered Years. 1937.
Coyote Stories. Mourning Dove. 1933.
Croft, Helen Downer. The Downs, the Rockies, and Desert Gold. 1961.
Cross and the Blatnoi. Lewis Segesvary. 1965.
Crow and the Eagle: a Tribal History from Lewis and Clark to Custer. Keith Algier. 1993.
Crowder, David Lester. Tendoy, Chief of the Lemhis. 1969.
Crowell, Pers. King Moo, the Wordmaker. 1976.
Cruse, Thomas. Apache Days and After. 1941.
Culp, Edwin D. Early Oregon Days. 1987. Oregon, the Way It Was. 1981. Stations West. 1972. Yesterday in Oregon. 1990.
Cunningham, Eugene. Triggernometry. 1941.
Cunningham, Reba Pierce. Cowboys, Cooks, and Catastrophes. 1988.
Curtin, Walter Russel. Yukon Voyage. 1938.
Curtis, Bardell Shipp. Sacred Scriptures and Religious Philosophy. 1942.
Czecho–Slovakia, a Critical History. Kurt Glaser. 1961.

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Dakota. Edna LaMoore Waldo. 1936.
Dale, Jonathan. Hidden Profits in Food Distribution. 1937.
Dalton, John Edward and Wentworth, M.P. Forged in Strong Fires. 1948.
Daly, Emma Ring. Flowering Agates. 1938.
Daniels, Bradford Kempton. The Outer Edge. 1943.
Dark Bridwell. Vardis Fisher. 1933.
Dark Madonna. Richard Summers. 1937.
Dark World and Wide. Charles Lee Wilson. 1937.
Darkness and the Deep. Vardis Fisher. 1943.
Dart, Ada Carter. Mystery of Silver Spring Ranch. 1932.
Daughters of Dakota. Winnie Crandall Saunders. 1960.
Davidson, Levette Jay, ed. The literature of the Rocky Mountain West, 1803–1903. 1939.
Davis, Jean Walton. Shallow Diggin’s. 1962.
Davis, William B. The Recent Mammals of Idaho. 1939.
Dean, Frank E. Complete Book of Trick and Fancy Riding. 1960.
Deadliest Indian War in the West, The: The Snake Conflict 1864-1868. Gregory Michno. 2007.
Deadliest Woman in the West, The: Mother Nature on the Prairies and Plains 1800-1900. Rod Beemer. 2006.
Deadly Days In Kansas. Wayne C. Lee. 1997.
Debaters and Dynamiters. David H. Grover. Centennial Edition 2006.
D’Easum, Dick. Idanha. 1984. Sawtooth Tales. 1977.
DeBechevet, Lydia P. Chantey of the Keys. 1936.
Deep Soundings. Alan Corby. 1937.
Defenbach, Byron. Red Heroines of the Northwest. 1929. The State We Live In. 1933.
DeFord, Miriam Allen. They Were San Franciscans. 1941.
DeFreitos, Thome Luiz de. Pictures from Life. 1903. Plot Against Plot. 1903. Results of a Jest. 1903.
DeHuff, Elizabeth Willis. Hoppity Bunny’s Hop. 1939.
DeHuszar George Bernard. Fundamentals of Voluntary Health Care 1962.
DeLaRhue, Trevino. Spanish Trails to California. 1937.
Democracy in Idaho. Horatio Hamilton Miller. 1935.
Denison, Webster. Alaska Today. 1949.
Desert Lake. Sessions S. Wheeler. 1967.
Desert Wed, a Story Poem. Irene Welch Grissom. 1950.
Diamond Hitch Days. J.N. Hessel. 1991.
Diary of a 12-year-old. Benjamin Francis Musser. 1932.
Digest of decisions of the Supreme Court of Idaho Covering All Cases Reported in Volumes 41 to 53, Idaho Reports. Carl C. Kitchen. 1934.
Discovering Idaho. Dwight William Jensen. 1977.
Divine Passion. Vardis Fisher. 1948.
Doctor at Timberline. Charles Fox Gardiner. 1938.
Doctors, Dynamite, and Dogs. Edith May Schussler. 1956.
Dog-team Doctor. Eva Greenslit Anderson. 1940.
Dog Days. Art Bernard. 1969.
Dominant Seventh. Phillips Wray Kloss. 1950.
Don Holm’s Book of Food Drying, Pickling, and Smoke Curing. Don Holm. 1978.
Donaldson Thomas Corwin. Idaho of Yesterday. 1941.
Do Them No Harm! Lewis and Clark Among the Nez Perce, Zoa L. Swayne, 2003.
Douglass, Lillie Bernard. Cape Town to Cairo. 1964.
Douglas, Luther A. The Explorers Cookbook. 1971.
Downs, the Rockies, and Desert Gold. Helen Downer Croft. 1961.
Drama of the Universe. Franklin D. Wagner. 1918.
Dreamers: On the Trail of the Nez Perce. Martin Stadius. 1999.
Dresbach, Glenn Ward. Collected Poems, 1914–1948. 1950.
Driggs, Benjamin Woodbury. History of Teton Valley, Idaho. 1926.
Drummers and Dreamers. Click Relander. 1956.
Drury, Clifford Merrill. Elkanah and Mary Walker. 1940. Henry Harmon Spalding. 1936. Marcus Whitman, M.D. 1937.
Dryden, Cecil Pearl. By Sea on the Tonquin. 1956. Mr. Hunt and the Fabulous Plan. 1958. Up the Columbia for Furs. 1949.
Dubbe, Marvin C. Grains of Wheat. 1934.
Duncan, Kunigunde. Blue Star. 1938.
Duncombe, Sydney. Idaho State and Local Government. 1971.
Dunham, Wayland A. Blue Enchantment. 1942.
Dusty Desert Tales. Louise McKee. 1941.
Dyar, Ralph E. News for an Empire. 1952.

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H      I-S     T-Z    


Early history of Idaho. William John McConnell. 1913.
Early Oregon Days. Edwin D Culp. 1987.
East came West. Peter J. Huxley–Blythe. 1964.
Echoes of Puget Sound. Torger Birkeland. 1960.
Economics of Abundance: a Primer of Economic Law. Francis L Maus. 1965.
Edmunds, Murrell. Sojourn Among Shadows. 1936.
Education or Indoctrination. Mary Louise Allen. 1955.
Edwards, Robert Vaughan. Truman’s Inheritance. 1952.
Ee-dah-how. Tracy Coker. 1933.
Elegant Soul: The Life and Music of Gene Harris. Janie Harris with Bob Evancho. 2005.
Elkanah and Mary Walker. Clifford Merrill Drury. 1940.
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Enemy Never Came, The: The Civil War in the Pacific Northwest. Scott McArthur. 2012.
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Etched in Purple. Frank Jacob Irgang. 1949.
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Evernden Margery. The Sword with the Golden Hilt. 1950.
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Ex America. Garet Garrett. 1951.
Ex America, 50th Anniversary, , Garet Garrett, Edited by Bruce Ramsey, 2004.
Exchange Teacher. Agnes Marie Sibley. 1961.
Explorers Cookbook. Luther A. Douglas. 1971.
Exploring the Northern Plains, 1804–1876. Lloyd McFarling. 1955.

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H      I-S     T-Z   


Fable in Gothic. Lois Foster Winter. 1940.
Facing West. Pearle Rosencrans Casey. 1936.
Fagerstrom, Stan. Catch More Bass. 1973.
Fagrell, Else. The Lost Birthday. 1954.
Fares, Please! John Labbe. 1980.
Farewell to the Farm. Frank O’Connell. 1962.
A Fate Worse Than Death: Indian Captivities in the West, 1830-1885. Gregory and Susan Michno. 2008.
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Fetter, Richard L. Telluride: from Pick to Powder. 1979.
Fiat Money Inflation in France. Andrew Dickson White. 1958.
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First supplement to accompany Idaho in the Pacific Northwest. Floyd R. Barber. 1962.
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