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winecountry_large.jpg Idaho Wine Country

Written by Alan Minskoff
Photography by Paul Hosefros

187 Full Color pages, 10 x 10, Paperback. Photos, glossary, index.

Idaho Wine Country grew out of two friends’ love of wine and mutual curiosity about the growth of new wineries and vineyards in their home state. Other friends might have limited themselves to sharing a bottle of local red every now and then. But writer Alan Minskoff and Paul Hosefros took to the back roads of Idaho for 15 months, interviewing and photographing more than 50 winemakers and grape growers and documenting all stages of grape and wine production. Their book, the first full-length exploration of the state’s emerging wine industry, chronicles an enterprise on the verge of discovery.
It was the perfect moment to explore Idaho’s wine industry. In the last 10 years, the state has more than doubled the number of wineries and added significant acreage in wine grapes. The quality of Idaho wines has never been higher, with a growing number of them garnering awards and recognition. And the designation of the Snake River Valley American Viticultural Area, documented in this book, has helped gain recognition for the state vintners and their wines.
Through Hosefros’s evocative images and Minskoff’s clear prose, Idaho Wine Country celebrates the people and the wines putting Gem State viticulture on the map.

Wine touring is a deliberate act that sharpens the senses. Words that denote taste and color become significant. The landscape reveals its geology and history. Rocks, dirt and altitude matter. Memory revolves around liquid flavors. We have tasted earthy Malbecs in former breweries, classic Cabernets in barns, crisp Rieslings in octagonal tasting rooms, vibrant Viogniers in warehouses, bold Syrahs in lakeside restaurants….Paul and I have been treated to some of the most unusual and best vintages that our state offers.

--from the Foreword

This book showcases the beauty of our wine industry. The fact that it incorporates the entire state while reflecting the true character and warmth of the industry is phenomenal. Paul and Alan have created a time capsule that will forever bookmark Idaho wines in history.

--Moya Shatz
Executive Director, Idaho Grape Growers and Wine Producers Commission

About the Author
Alan Minskoff teaches journalism and writing at the College of Idaho, where he has directed the Journalism minor since 2004. The longtime editor of Boise Magazine, he was the editorial director of Boise Journal and ArtIdaho magazines from 2001-2004, editor of The Constitution at 200: Idaho Perspectives and editor-in-chief for Here We Have Idaho: People Make the Difference. He wrote Keeping the Faith, a history of Boise’s Ahavath Beth Israel congregation, and has written dozens of articles about Idaho since moving to the state in 1972. He teaches in the Cabin’s Summer Writing Camp and has taught in the Writers in the Schools program. His poetry has appeared in various Idaho publications and he has written about Idaho wine for Horizon Air, Boise Journal, and McCall and recently blogged about it on NewWest.net.

About the Photographer
Paul Hosefros retired as senior photographer in Washington D.C. for the New York Times. In his early 20s and not long graduated from New York University, he was already working for the Times in New York when he was invited to work on wine stories with a columnist in France. Three weeks of intense research - including visits to Haut Brion and lunch at Mouton with Baron Philippe himself - gave Paul not just a world-class beginning education...but also a headache. In the intervening years, he’s worked with the late Craig Claiborne, and photographed war zones, fires, models, seven Presidents, countless foreign heads of state, earthquakes, hurricanes and sports. He has been published not just in the Times but in numerous other publications. Now “retired” in Idaho with a proud Master degree graduate from Boise State University, Paul has come full circle with this wine book.
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