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Publishing fine books since 1925

We're always looking for new writers who can give the public a "good read." Many publishers require writers to submit ideas and manuscripts through literary agents. We're still willing to deal directly with authors. We only ask that you follow a few simple rules:

Query before sending a complete manuscript.

Please read the Submission Guidelines before making a query. The rules are there for a reason. If a topic does not fit the Caxton niche, the writer should look for a more compatible publisher.

If you have a question, call, E-mail or FAX us.
Telephone: (208) 459-7421
FAX (208) 459-7450
E-mail: publish@caxtonpress.com


Submission Guidelines

CAXTON PRESS has a long tradition of publishing Western works of timeless appeal. We always are looking for new material. We ask that you follow our guidelines when submitting so that we may give your manuscript the attention it deserves.

Suggested Topics: Caxton publishes nonfiction trade books for general audiences. We prefer to publish western or frontier history, travel, pictorials, or narratives: nonfiction with a western theme. We will consider historical fiction if it deals with the West. We do not publish poetry.

Topics to avoid: "Growing up on the farm, in the mountains, in the city, etc." or "My family history." We do not publish self-improvment books, textbooks or books with religious themes.

Standards: Send us a query letter first that outlines your topic. If we feel it has possibilities, we'll request some sample chapters and an outline before requesting the complete manuscript.

We only accept manuscripts that are typewritten on one side of the page. Everything must be double-spaced: text, notes, bibliography, etc. Do not bind, staple, paper clip, or attach the pages together in any way. Send the pages loose and numbered, preferably in a box. We will accept sample chapters, and in some cases complete manuscripts, via e-mail. Please check in advance on format requirements.

Use active rather than passive verbs, and vibrant, colorful prose.

The piece must be responsibly researched. Your sources must be thoroughly documented and not infringe on existing copyrights. It is your responsibility to provide all photographs, illustrations, and graphics for your book. If your manuscript is accepted, the final version must be delivered to us on computer disk or via e-mail (WordPerfect or Microsoft Word format preferred). Some of our books include indexes, and we may ask the author to assemble the index at the appropriate time.

Style: We request our authors to follow the Chicago Manual of Style (14th edition).

Equipment: If possible, prepare your manuscript on Macintosh, Windows compatible word processing systems. Letter quality is required --dot matrix is not acceptable. Do not send your disk unless we ask for it. Do Not lay out the material as a book. Leave it it word processor format for a letter-size (8.5 x 11) page.

Proposals: Submit a cover letter addressed to the editorial department with your proposal. Introduce yourself and the theme of your manuscript. Tell us about your target audience, and why you think Caxton should publish your book. Include either an outline or a table of contents, a sample from the manuscript (usually one or two chapters), photocopies of artwork samples, and a SASE for return of your materials.

We handle every manuscript we receive carefully. But prudence dictates that you keep a copy of everything you send us. Don’t send original documents, photos or artwork unless we request them.

Please allow 8-12 weeks for our response. We receive many manuscripts every year and evaluate each for readability, literary merit, accuracy, research, and salability.

Send submissions to:

Scott Gipson, Publisher
Caxton Press
312 Main Street
Caldwell, ID 83605

Queries also can be e-mailed to: Scott's email.