Kamiakin Country: Washington Territory in Turmoil 1855-1858

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The conflict between Native tribes and Euro-Americans in Washington Territory, in the mid nineteenth century, isn’t as famous as some of the later Indian wars farther inland. But at least 370 victims died violently between September 1855 and November 1858. The casualties included soldiers, chiefs, warriors, volunteers, civilians, non-combatants, women and children. The fighting raged from Puget Sound and the outskirts of Seattle to the Spokane region far to the east and adjacent area that became northern Idaho. The war began and ended in the Yakima Valley, home of the Yakama tribe and their legendary chief, Kamiakin – the best-known native leader in the Pacific Northwest during that period. An alliance led by Kamiakin opened the war with a victory and the chief was a major influence in the events that followed. Author Jo N. Miles takes readers through those trying times. Using words, maps and illustrations, Miles paints a vivid picture of those tumultuous times in America’s Pacific Northwest.

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